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A 3-month transformational experience to master your time, focus, and attention so that you can trust yourself in creating measurable results doing what you say you are going to do.


This Is The Place Where We Get Create The Impossible!

Are You Coming?


Today you get to make one of the
most important decisions of your life.

Your brain is the most powerful piece of technology you can have, and today you can create your owner's manual for your brain with cutting-edge training to help you achieve incredible results in your life. 

You Know That Dream You Have About Mastering Your Time, 
Trusting Yourself In Doing What You Say You Are Going To Do, And Creating A Lifestyle You Don't Have To Escape From,
Without Sacrificing Your Life, Health, & Family?

That dream starts to become your reality today.

If you're like most of my clients and the people I've been able to help, you'll most likely identify with one or more of these statements. In which of the boxes would you put a checkmark?

You're great at what you do, but when it comes to managing your time, getting things done, and finishing projects in a way that reflects your zone of genius and creates the results that are important to you... you feel stuck.

You're completing tasks, but not the ones that are moving the needle in favor of the goals and priorities that will create a lasting impact in your personal, professional, and business life.

You know you need to manage your time, your attention, and do the things you say you want to do, but you don't feel confident in honoring your word and following through on your commitments.

You're missing an internal process that takes your projects from half-finished to completed and brings you predictable results.

You get periods of low energy that give you stress because you feel blindsided by pushing things off and finding ways to distract yourself. You know you waste more mental energy thinking about those things you're avoiding because you know what you're really avoiding are your feelings of unease and resistance.

At the end of the day, you go to bed feeling you can't trust yourself in achieving what's possible and available to you simply because you don't have a repeatable system for all your future projects. 

I believe it's NOT okay that you have to shame and guilt-trip yourself into doing things you say you're going to do only to make yourself feel disappointed, frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed.

I've been there, too,
but my story has a "before and after" time management.

I understand what it's like to be amazing at what you do but not know how to organize your time so that it connects your actions with your priorities in a way that converts into results.

I was the person who created so many ways of distracting myself just to avoid the feelings of resistance that my mind created around any to-do. Every time I'd make a commitment to doing something, my brain kept saying "I don't feel like doing it".

So, I created The Time Management Mastermind to show others how to go from commitment to action and to results.

This has allowed me to help many highly-skilled individuals manage their time, organize their minds, elevate their attention, and achieve what's possible in their personal, professional, and business life with less stress and without exerting tremendous amounts of willpower and guilt just to get things done.

Just like these
incredible clients.

The Time Management Mastermind is for you if...

You want to have your owner's manual for the most powerful piece of technology you will ever have: Your Own Brain.

You waste so much time being stuck in indecision about what to do next, instead of actually taking action until you get the results you want.

You've tried other things before like reading books, watching videos, and listening to podcasts about productivity and procrastination, but you've been looking for the last program that you'll ever need and that will tie it all together for you. 

You know that external accountability can help you get things done, but you're ready to create the most powerful and impeccable identity you've ever created for yourself because you're ready to trust yourself.

You love the feeling of being motivated but you've experienced how unpredictable motivation can be.

You want to trust yourself and rely on self-discipline all those times when motivation wears off quickly.

You want to create compelling reasons for wanting to follow through on your commitment and complete your projects.

You wonder what those people who brag about productivity have figured out that you haven't, and you ask yourself if this is supposed to be this hard.

You know you can take massive action and create amazing results even when dealing with obstacles along the way. 

And... you know you can do this alone, but you want to collapse the timeline of what's possible to achieve in your personal, professional, and business life.

Why The Time Management Mastermind works for you...

No matter what your personal, professional, educational, or business background is, The Time Management Mastermind provides you with the tools you need to manage your time, your attention, and achieve what's possible.

You will go from "information" to "implementation" so you can shift your mindset from "try to do everything" to "committed to priorities".

You won't have that feeling in your stomach when you wake up wondering what you're doing that day.

You will go from decision to action no matter which magic planner you want to use because you'll know that the planner itself is not the answer. 

Not only will you appreciate yourself when you're taking action but you'll learn how to treat and respect yourself during low-energy periods.

You will stop scrambling in panic trying to get all things done, and you'll stop dabbling half-heartedly in a bunch of projects at once. You'll stop being paralyzed with overwhelm.

You will learn how to create plans that you actually want to implement and trust that will get you results. You'll anticipate and solve obstacles that will show up for you ahead of time.

You will understand why your mind tells you "I don't feel like it" so that you can create the emotional conditions that you'll need when it's time to take action on the things you say you're going to do.

You will learn to say "no" to the mind drama and to everything that is not a focus for you so that you can figure out exactly what results you're aiming for and take the action step that will create those results.

Here's how we do it


Most people think that
is hard to accomplish...

That you need:




I'm here to tell you -  YOU DON'T

What if I told you that managing your time and focusing your attention on honoring your word could be SIMPLE?

Because the truth is time management is brain management.

It's not rocket science.

The only thing between you and the deliberate life you want is your relationship with yourself around how you follow through on your commitments and how you create integrity and self-respect doing the things you say you are going to do. 

And the way you do that is by understanding how your brain relates to time and attention. That will tell you how to choose activities that create time and avoid activities that cost you time.

Your Most Valuable Assets Are 
Your Time And Your Attention

That's why I created The Time Management Mastermind with the goal of creating an example of what's possible to achieve.

In it, I combine my 32 years of experience in personal development, human psychology, productivity, neuroscience, performance psychology, educational psychology, neurolinguistics, pedagogy, psychomotor learning, and mindfulness meditation with the piece that's missing:

The life that is possible for you...

Expressed within a clear process that allows you to create results so inspiring that nothing will stop you.

The results you create and the actions you take
are all caused by the thoughts in your brain.

When you join The Time Management Mastermind...

You control your time without sacrificing your needs, and you get more done in less time with energy left over.

You implement a simple but transformative process to create results in alignment with how you want to feel and who you want to become.

You get to manage it all, your life, work, business, health, relationships, kids, household, all while connecting your ambition with your desire for more peace and emotional freedom.

You get to solve the question of "How can I do it all without feeling exhausted?"

You develop accountability through other participants in your cohort.

You learn to identify and eliminate your time management blindspots.

You achieve complete opennes and honesty about how you are spending your time, and you won't ever have to wonder, "Can I really change?" and "Where do I start?"

You develop an impeccable identity because you know you can trust yourself.

You go from being stressed out and a guilty-whenever-you-are-not-working type of person to one who relaxes and still runs a successful personal, professional, and business life that people take notice.

You stop being reactive and letting life happen, and you become someone who creates time and a life that is possible.


Is a 3-month transformational experience to help you master your time, focus, and attention so that you can trust yourself in creating measurable results doing what you say you are going to do.

This is the place where you have the freedom to 
create the impossible in your own life.

Are You In?

The life that's available to you is one click away.

It's NOT your average Time Management Mastermind


The Last Time Management And Productivity Program You'll Ever Need

From mindset to deliberate planning and a solid time management process... you'll learn how to tie it all together so you can maximize your impact and preserve energy and time.


Specific Time Management Formulas

Nothing else out there goes this deep into time management to help you connect with what's possible for you on a soul level and convert it into action with grace.

This skill alone will forever change your life.


Zero Fluff. Short Actionable Videos

No information overload. Here you get short, potent videos that give you the exact actionable steps to get results fast.


Never Feel "Behind" 

I've carefully designed this mastermind to focus on ACTION. You get one week of implementation between each phase so you have time to integrate the information and catch up if life gets in the way.


Get The Answers And Support You Actually Need 

Every one of my clients always walks away satisfied and with EXACTLY what they came for.

Here's a quick look at what you'll get inside my
High-Level Mastermind Container

12 x weekly 90-minute live group coaching calls with me where you get intensive coaching to help you manage your time, your attention, and break down the barriers to your success.

Access to the modules so you have plenty of time to implement and never have to buy another time management program again.

Access to Ask The Coach. Get help as you go through the process. Submit coaching questions in our member portal and get individualized coaching, tailored specifically to you as often as you need.

Access to the call replays. Join LIVE every week or watch the replay in your member portal. 

A highly engaged Facebook community with your new crew of extraordinary people to propel you to your next level of success.

Plus these epic bonuses to help you

Have a Partner?
He or she can join you as a full-functioning member for an additional
$97 on top of the single membership offering. Bringing a partner will increase your commitment and accountability level.

Access to hypnotic audio tracks to help you reprogram your brain.

Access to one monthly live meditation session where you will learn breath meditation and mindfulness meditation.


The Lifetime Access Program Guarantee

Once you are in the program, you are in for life.
You get lifetime access to all future updates and additional content.

You either manage your time, or you join the next round of
The Time Management Mastermind
for FREE.

I'm so confident that The Time Management Mastermind will help you so incredibly that I'm going to do everything I can because if you don't join, you're going to miss out on an extraordinary experience of being you.

Who The Heck Am I To Tell You All Of This?

What's up!

Eduardo Orozco here, a lifelong student of human behavior.

I help extraordinary people create their greatest levels of success so that they can achieve what is possible in their personal, professional, and business life.

My clients are very diverse in terms of demographics. I work with people of all ages who are CEOs, entrepreneurs, parents, managers, leaders, business owners, professionals, musicians, high achievers, fellow coaches, thought-leaders, teachers, students, and other high performers from around the world. The one thing they all have in common is a yearning for more aligned success, connection, health, fulfillment, and impact.

I'm a Master Certified Life Coach, Master Certified Mindset Coach, Master Certified Transformational Coach, Certified Business Coach, and Certified Group Life Coach.

I'm also a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Coach, Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, and Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

Yeah, in case you haven't noticed, I'm a big neuroscience nerd.

I listen with understanding and 100% confidentiality.

My relationships with my clients are intimate, honest, and rewarding.

I believe we are all our own best coach and counselor, but sometimes we simply need someone else to help get us started.

Languages: English and Spanish. I did take 2 years of German and French.

Countries lived: Mexico and the United States.

...Oh, yeah, that's me in the photo on a trip through Japan. Can't wait to go back to Asia.


The Curriculum


Week One

What You Want And What You Believe

Design what's possible for you. Implement the belief systems that will help you take action. Learn the Time Management Mastermind Method.

Week Two

How To Guarantee Your Own Results

Implement a self-coaching process that you will use to understand how you've been unintentionally creating results and how to use the same process to intentionally create the results you want. Focus your attention to think about your thinking process.

Week Three

The Formula To Your Success

We'll connect the time management process you learned in week one with new mindset shifts and tools to tie it all together. Implement the single most powerful skill there is to succeed in creating what's possible in your personal, professional, and business life.

Week Four

Integration Week


Week Five

The Perfect System

Craft the perfect system to your procrastination. Implement the five habits that will change the way you create your life.

Week Six

Fail Your Way To Success

The ultimate formula to fail your way to your success. 

Week Seven

On A Scale 1 To 10

Measure your goals. Measure your success. Measure you failures. 

Week Eight

Integration Week


Week Nine

The Urge Box

The Motivation Triad. Understanding your brain's motivation. Learn to have epic temper tantrums. 

Week Ten

Time Management and Money

The connection between time, money, value, and abundance.

Week Eleven

Never HOW. Always WHAT.

The exponential formula to elevate your mindset and set the standard to achieve what's possible and create the impossible.

Week Twelve

Integration Week

Join - The Time Management Mastermind - NOW

You get...

12 x weekly 90-minute live group coaching calls each week via Zoom with me where you get intensive coaching to help you manage your time, your attention, and break down the barriers to your success.

Access to the modules and get plenty of time for implementation.

Access to Ask The Coach to get help as you go through the process.

Access to the call replays. Join LIVE every week or watch the replay.

Private Facebook community with your new crew of extraordinary people.

Got More Questions?
Get some answers here

Questions your fellow high performers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and other high achievers asked before saying "YES" to 90 Days to High Performance.

  • Who is this program for?
    Whether you want to work on your personal, professional, or business life, this program is designed for people wanting to create an amazing transformation and get consistent results.
  • My vision and purpose aren't clear. What do I need to have in place to be successful in this program?
    You're in the right place! This program has been designed to help you get super clear on your vision, purpose, and mission to create empowering habits, inspiring goals, and exponential and sustainable results. As long as you're prepared to do the work , you have what it takes to be successful in this program.
  • What is the difference between you and other coaches?
    This isn't therapy. This is an accelerator program where I'm committed to growing your personal and professional life and getting you actionable steps to implement immediately for direct exponential results. I'm not just giving you materials to read or videos to watch. You get a transformational process.
  • Is this program going to show me how to implement new habits and goals?
    Yes! This program is going to show you how to create actionable steps built on your unique vision and purpose. I'll guide you every step of the way.
  • What's your coaching style?
    This is always an important question. I use tools and strategies drawn from mindset coaching, life coaching, business coaching, mindfulness, neuroscience, psychology, mediation, NLP, goal setting, habit formation, etc. All tools and strategies are adapted to your needs.
  • Can you guarantee my results?
    No, nobody can guarantee your results. Just like any new project, it'll require your risk by pouring in your time, energy, and intention into your new desired vision and life. This is the beauty of the transformation you are committing to. You're investing because you have access to expertise and experience proven to grow your life.
  • When are the call times?  I'm in Europe, Middle East, or Asia and I want to know if I'll be able to make it."
    Excellent question. I'm based in Mexico and my clients are from all over the world. The calls are in Central Standard Time (Chicago time). You'll have access to the monthly schedule for all live calls.
  • What is Coaching?
    Coaching focuses on the future. It works with the client in being able to see possibilities. It then uses the client’s talents and skills to create a path to this possibility, further helping the client make this possibility a reality. Coaching is not used to address a mental health issue.

You're ready to achieve brag-worthy wins inside

1. There's something in your life you long for but haven't yet been able to achieve. 


2. You’ve been trying to build sustainable habits and finish goals and projects for months (or even years) and worry that they’re NOT generating the kind of results you hoped for – and worse, frequently causing you stress, anxiety, and even resentment rather than freeing you from them.


3. You've developed your self-awareness but still feel like you're stuck in the same patterns with the same problems and no new solutions.


4. You have a goal, a job you want to leave, a relationship you seek, or a dream you'd like to see come true, but you don't know how to make it happen.


5. In fact, you’re ALREADY investing time and energy doing things like using productivity tools, meditating, reading books, listening to podcasts on personal development, and other things you keep hearing you “need” to be doing. The only problem is, without a clear strategy that ties them all together, you’ve experienced nothing but discouraging “why the heck do I even bother” results, followed by crippling overwhelm around what to do next. 


6. You’ve had at least two moments this month where you’ve had to put out a major fire or solve a crisis that pulled you away from being the powerful, confident, visionary leader you WANT to be. 


7. You literally don’t have time. Not in a hyperbolic “ya right” kinda way…  but in a real, “I’ve had to eat take-out every day this week” kinda way. And that’s paradoxically why you need this program. You’re being poorly leveraged, and unless things change, you’re setting yourself (and your life) up for disaster. 


Did you catch yourself saying 'that's me'?


If you caught yourself nodding your head to at least 5 of the points above, then you owe it to yourself to be here, and I absolutely CANNOT wait to meet you inside The Time Management Mastermind.

Don't just take my word for it.
See what others are saying about working with me.


Still have concerns and questions?
Send us a message using the form below.


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