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I work with two kinds of people.


Coaches, Consultants, and Service-Based Providers who want to make their first $2,000...

The initial stages of any coaching or consulting business require a different thinking process and strategy because getting your first paying clients is all about TAKING ACTION, MAKING OFFERS, AND SELLING LIKE CRAZY.

You get those first paying clients, and you make money in whichever way you have to do it. 

You will learn all the foundational work to craft irresistible offers around the value you are going to create, market yourself to the right target audience who wants the value you are creating, get clients on a consultation call, and get them signing up for your service.

This is not an entry-level program though. You learn sales mastery. You set yourself up for a fast track to your first 2k, 10k, and 100k, just from the work you will do to sign those first few clients.

You will learn all the formulas you need to make money as a coach, consultant, and service-based provider.


Entrepreneurs and High-Level Professionals who want to master their time, focus, and attention so that they can trust themselves in creating measurable results and do what they say they are going to do.

Time management affects every single aspect of your life. If you are always busy with a never-ending to-do list telling yourself, "if I just had more time, then my life would be easier", then I'm going to invite you to make one of the most important decisions in your life.

Join us inside The Time Management Mastermind and learn how to create your owner's manual for the most powerful piece of technology you can have: your brain.

You know that dream you have about mastering your time, trusting yourself in doing what you say you are going to do, and creating a lifestyle you don't have to escape from, without sacrificing your life, health, and family?

You get to turn that dream into your reality today.

Are you coming?


When you're ready to transform your zone of genius with exponential focus; when you're ready to get serious in your business and really make some money; when you're starting to bring in consistent results, then you and I should have a conversation to show you how exponential mindset shifts will allow you to create your impossible goals.



"I have been able to parlay the skills I learned in coaching into a new job as well as achieving some long term goals that seemed impossible previous to my coaching experience.

This was a great experience. Eduardo is communicative, articulate about his methodology, and above all, he cares. I felt so seen and heard during our sessions. He's like your best friend who won't let you make excuses that get in the way of your goals. I loved how he gave me agency in the process instead of simply telling me what to do or not to do, he would ask questions and allow me to reach conclusions.I have increased confidence in my decision making abilities. I would recommend this to anyone who has goals and isn't sure what is holding them back from those goals. If you follow the course Eduardo sets, you'll get where you want to go. I should have done this years ago."

- Mara C.

University Professor - North Dakota State University

United States

"I have made a 180-degree change.

I had to summon huge amounts of courage from the depths of my soul to invest in this program until it dawn on me that I wasn't investing in a program. I was investing in my life, my health, and the way I saw life in general. That was a game-changer for me. To be able to look at myself in a mirror and say 'I can do this' and suddenly realize that I was already doing it. I had a lot of hesitations when I started. With the program I discovered a life I could have never imagined. Everything is different. It almost feels like I became a different person. It feels scary but in such a good way." 

- Dante G.

Learning and Development Manager - Johnson Controls


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